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An online monthly membership for all runners! Join the Club for the inspiring running community, access to qualified run coaches, training plans, and more.

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The Happy Runner Club offers an inclusive space online for runners of all levels who are craving community, education, training tips, growth, and fun!

The Club can help you: 1. Learn and train smart: Take the guesswork out of training with access to a run coach. You have training plans and monthly workouts that will help you build strength and endurance. 2. Connect with runners: You’ll get exclusive access to our private Facebook page where you can build real connections with runners. 3. Grow your mindset: Figure out how to grow your mindset through running to reach your goals.

About Kelly


I'm Kelly, your run coach and the founder of Happy Runner Club & More Miles Races. As a certified running coach through RRCA & VDOT and completing the Health Mindset Coach certification, I’m so happy to work with runners of all levels and backgrounds. I’ve been a runner for 10 years now where a lot of life has happened in between. Running was never been just a workout for me. It quickly became part of my life and it’s been with me ever since. 


I started my coaching experience back in college when I volunteered for Girls on the Run. After college, I created a foster care youth running program for a local foster care nonprofit. I loved the challenge of creating a running program for all different levels of experience and life history. I was also the head coach of a cross-country running program for two years before I got married and started our family. 


Running has been with me through college, jobs changes, marriage, three pregnancies, postpartum, and more. You can find Kelly on Instagram at @moremilesmorefun.