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Join the Happy Runner Club at $25/mo to access all training plans, mindset help, coaching calls, and more. To join the Base Training Group for January - April 2022 - select paying the full $75 amount for 3 months or the $25 monthly payments. If you join the Base Training Group, you have access to all the Club's benefits & more.

An online monthly membership + community for all runners.

The Happy Runner Club offers an inclusive space online for runners of all levels who are craving community, education, training tips, growth, and fun!

The Club can help you: 1. Learn and train smart: Take the guesswork out of training with access to TWO run coaches. You have training plans and monthly running and strength workouts that will help you build strength and endurance. 2. Connect with runners: You’ll get exclusive access to our private Facebook page where you can build real connections with runners. 3. Grow your mindset: Figure out how to grow your mindset through running to reach your goals.

About Kelly


I'm Kelly, your run coach and the founder of Happy Runner Club & More Miles Races. As a certified running coach through RRCA and completing the Health Mindset Coach certification, I’m so happy to work with runners of all levels and backgrounds. I’ve been a runner for 10 years now where a lot of life has happened in between. Running was never been just a workout for me. It quickly became part of my life and it’s been with me ever since. 


I started my coaching experience back in college when I volunteered for Girls on the Run. After college, I created a foster care youth running program for a local foster care nonprofit. I loved the challenge of creating a running program for all different levels of experience and life history. I was also the head coach of a cross-country running program for two years before I got married and started our family. 


Running has been with me through college, jobs changes, marriage, three pregnancies, postpartum, and more. You can find Kelly on Instagram at @moremilesmorefun.

About Erin


Hi! I'm Erin. I'm an RRCA and VDotO2 certified run coach by night, and a mom, wife, and military officer by day. I've been running my whole life, but didn't truly start running "as a sport" until a few years ago. After having my first baby, I created a "runstagram" and dove head-first into half-marathon and 10-miler training, and loved being part of the Instagram running community. Inspired by that experience, I started to deep dive the strategy and science of running, attended an RRCA training course, and started coaching runners!

I've had a wide variety of experiences as a mother and military officer -- from my early days pre-marriage/pre-kids where I could work out whenever I wanted, to deployments, to prepping for high-level military schools, and ultimately to balancing 3 toddlers while working full time during the COVID-19 pandemic! As much as I love running -- I love finding appropriate balance even more and truly think it's critical during any training cycle. 

A few more fun facts: I'm a graduate of West Point where I played D1 basketball. I majored in Civil Engineering, but have only used that degree to assemble Ikea furniture. I met my husband at Fort Bragg, NC and we "long distance dated" while deployed to different parts of Afghanistan. I'm an Army Jumpmaster, which means I can inspect your parachute and push you out of an airplane ;). I've lived in 5 states (2 of them more than once: NY, MO, NC, MO, TN, MA, and NY) in the past 10 years. My 3 kids are CRAZY close together in age (19 mo apart then 16 mo apart) and my husband and I feel like we are FINALLY coming up for air after some super challenging baby/toddler years. We are currently working at West Point, which was my DREAM JOB as a cadet!

Check out my Instagram @runstrongmama where I publish weekly Reels with run tips, and my website!

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